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“Considering how impersonal a doctor’s visit can be, my experience at Dr. Rich MacDonell’s office stood apart from a typical doctor’s appointment.  Not only was he and his office staff friendly, timely and genuine, he was extremely successful in thoroughly helping me with a persistent health issue.
I had lived with a constant cough for 7 months with which I had visited many different types of medical facilities in Bend including: family practitioners, urgent care, natural medicine and others.  None of which were able to do anything to change my cough, despite their best attempts.  When I finally found Dr. Rich, he treated me with the attentiveness, urgency and personal medical attention I had been wanting and needing.  Not only was my cough gone within 10 days, but I received an in-depth description of what may have caused it and how to address it should this type of situation or symptoms arise again.  Thank you Dr Rich MacDonell.”
“The improvement in health and well-being since being with Dr. MacDonell is amazing.  When I started my health partnership with him several years ago, I never expected to actually feel better as I aged into my 70’s!”
“We have appreciated the personal attention and the excellent availability of Dr. MacDonell and staff. The staff is a real gem. We never feel rushed and the explanation of any medical condition is thorough and understandable.”
“He knows us personally, takes as much time as we need and he is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable.  The staff is wonderful and they are a perfect complement to Doc.  Doc is what medicine should be:  individualized, caring and knowledgeable.”
“I used to be quite the “Health and Fitness” nut in my youth.  Now that I’m a 61 year GERIATRIC “Health and Fitness” nut I depend on Doctor Rich to keep my various pieces and parts together and working properly. (Internally as well as externally.)
Yes, I may still be a nut ….but I think you’d be NUTS not to trust your health to Rich MacDonell.  He’s the best!”
Dale Parkinson
Former “Mr. Idaho” Bodybuilding Champion

Reviews and Testimonials

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